Gie’s Peace Mindful Parenting Workshops

Gie’s Peace Mindful Parenting Workshop equips parents to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of a Mindfulness Practice gives the opportunity to try out a variety of Mindfulness strategies
  • Recognise and understand your own emotional triggers and how you manage them
  • Stay calm when your child is dysregulated and respond with calm rather than reacting or over-reacting in the heat of the moment
  • Understand how the brain performs under stress
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of Secondary Trauma / Compassion Fatigue / Burnout and how to manage these

Our Workshops are:

  • Delivered online and during school hours meaning they are accessible to parents who have children at home
  • Focussed around very short, time limited self-care and mindfulness techniques, recognising that parents have limited time available for self care practices
  • Accessible to all, regardless of any previous experience of Mindfulness
  • Fun and interactive allowing time for reflection and peer support
  • Flexible enough for you to attend a future date, should circumstances mean you are called away, to unable to stay for the duration of the course.
  • Our workshops are completely non-judgemental, fully accepting that Parents are carrying out an extremely challenging role often in very difficult circumstances. Our Workshops are reasonably priced, and if cost is a barrier to learning, we have pay-what-you-can options and also have some fully funded free places available to support attendance.

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