Mental Wellbeing at Work – Staff Development Day

Gie’s Peace – Staff Mental Wellbeing Development Day

Investing in your staff team’s Mental Wellbeing is the most important investment you will make

Most employers now understand the benefits of promoting the positive mental health of their staff team. Employers have a legal responsibility to minimise the risk of illness or injury to employees – This includes the mental health of employees

These past 2 years have been the most stressful and overwhelming ever, and as the uncertainty continues, stress and anxiety are reaching unprecedented levels at work, resulting in high levels of staff absence, emotional and physical burnout, low motivation and poor productivity.  Staff need help to recover from the stresses of this pandemic, and learn strategies to help improve their mental wellbeing, to promote their emotional strength and resilience

The Gie’s Peace – Mental Wellbeing at Work –  Mindfulness Staff Development Day will work with your staff team to teach tools of Calmness, Resilience, Self-Care, and positive mental wellbeing. These results will not only benefit your staff team in their individual lives, but will benefit them as a team and benefit your organisation as a whole including those who use your service

Mental Health for Staff – It’s not a Splurge … It’s an investment

The benefits of a Mental Wellbeing Development Day include, better relationships between staff, increased communication, planning skills, increased focus, improved employee motivation & employee collaboration. We use fun & interactive activities to help colleagues to connect in a different way, offering strategies and tools for a more peaceful and relaxed working environment.  We also provide you with tips, tools and a plan to help your team staff stay mindful, calm and connected going forward

The Gie’s Peace – Mental Wellbeing at Work Development Day provides the opportunity for your staff team to try a variety of Mindfulness and Self-Care techniques to help them improve their own mental health, to better support their employees, and help remove some of the barriers that contribute to poor mental health within the workplace

Our Staff Development Day is fun, interactive and suitable for all, regardless of whether individuals are completely new to Mindfulness or experienced practitioners. The Staff Development Day takes place online to ensure staff safety in relation to Covid 19 guidelines

Cost per Development Day is £525 which accommodates up to 15 participants

It pays, not only financially, to support workers mental wellbeing

You can’t afford NOT to promote your employee’s mental health

Emotionally Strong and Resilient individuals = Emotionally Strong and Resilient Teams

Mental Wellbeing First Aid is a lifesaver – It’s as important for the mind as CPR is for the body

C – Calm Minds

P – Present Minds

R – Resilient Minds

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